Family Portraits

Lori at Fresh Picked Whimsy had the most wonderful idea – at Thanksgiving she asked everyone in her family to paint a self portrait. Then she grouped them together into a really beautiful work of art. I so love this idea. I love that everyone participated and that it’s so full of personality – and personal touches.  I know that most adults get all freaked out about having to create a piece of art, but you can see from this how wonderful everyone’s turned out, even if they didn’t consider themselves “artists.”


I would love to do this on Thanksgiving – I’m seriously considering it, I know I’ll have to twist the arms of some family members to get them to do it – but wow, wouldn’t the results be worth it?  I think it would also be a nice idea to incorporate the portraits into your Christmas cards – so much more intresting than the typical “family portrait” that most people send out. For more info and to read exactly how Lori made this happen, check out her blog. It’s full of other lovely ideas and artwork, too!