For no apparent reason

This is list of some city names that I like – for no apparent reason since I’ve not been to most of these places I just like the way the names sound:





I also like most Native American names, like:



Broken Bow

and pretty much any name with Sioux in it.

I like Hispanic names too, like:


and Maricopa (is Maricopa hispanic? Anyway, I like it.)

I guess there’s just something about the way those words sound in my mouth when I say them that makes them interesting to me. I don’t understand why some cities get such nice and interesting names and some get such . . . unpleasant sounding ones.  Who was in charge of naming some of these places? There’s  a whole universe of name options and this is what they came up with?




For crying out loud! I won’t tell you what the word Scranton makes me think of everytime I hear it, but it’s part of the male anatomy, starts with an S, has two syllables and ends with an M sound instead of an N.

I just don’t understand – people are going to have to live with this name – write it on envelopes, tell service techncians over the phone, stamp it on birth certificates . . . I mean come ON!

You couldn’t have thought of something nice like Sweetwater? Or Sugar Hill? Or Mount Pleasant for goodness sakes?! If there wasn’t a Mount around it could have just been Pleasantville or something . . . pleasant. Those names make you want to visit, maybe even stay.

Marfa makes me think someone had too much to drink the night before the official naming ceremony. NO disrepect to anyone who lives in these places, because I’m sure these towns are chock full of wonderful human beings who had nothing to do with picking the name of the town where they live.

But just in case you ever get the chance . . . think Cherryvale, or Primrose, and if all else fails name it after the nearest Native American Tribe. They were here first after all.