Halloween Pre-Season – All about Molds

Sure, I know you think we’re going to discuss green fuzzy mold – how you can grow it, how it can be used in your next haunted house . . . and that really sounds like fun, but today I’m going to show you some different, yet just as awesome molds for food!


First, I saw this cake on Not Martha.  OMG really! Isn’t this just the coolest? I mean this is the kind of cake that could be made year round! When ISN”T a skull cake appropriate?  Birthdays! Family Reunions! Mother’s Day! Okay, well that might depend on if your mother is closer to Morticia or Mrs. Cleaver. But anyway, she has a tutorial for this lovely orange cake, which got me to searching, and look at all these adorable molds I found on Amazon! Who Knew!? Not me obviously.

This pan, from Wilton, is the one that Not Martha used to make her 3-D skull cake – there are just so many decorating possibilities too! A day of the dead decorated skull would look fantastic!

wiltonskullpanI also discovered this pan, which appears to be a more traditional cake pan – one that would lie flat – still it would be awesome!

skullcakepanI also discovered these little skulls! How cute is this!

skullpanAnd here’s one for skull cupcakes. Awww CUPCAKES!

skullcupcakes Then I also saw that they have skull ice cube molds – I think these are awesome too!

skullicecubesLastly I found a few other molds, not skulls, but still Halloween related – first some bony fingers!!!

fingermoldand lastly, some harmless little pumpkins . . . or are they . . . guess that would be up to YOU to decide!!