Hatch Show Prints

Today at sfgirlbybay’s blog she featured a letterpress artist Yee-Haw that feature prints on their etsy site – and some really fantastic prints at that!

It’s strange, because just yesterday I was thinking about Hatch Prints and thinking about including them in my favorite things . . . I guess sometimes the Universe just gets that ripple in in and it catches the attention of lots of people at the same time.

Anyhoo . . . when I was the director of an in-house art department for a manufacturing company we used Hatch Prints to produce a poster for a grand opening celebration. We were not disapointed. If you don’t know the name Hatch Prints, you probably still know their work.

They’ve been making letterpress posters and other advertising ephemera since 1875! They’re an American institution and their posters are probably some of the most recognizable in the world.  The style is just unmistakeable and I just adore the simple and striking use of color and shapes that just pop out and grab your attention!

They’re based in Nashville and are well known for their work on classic Country and Western Posters, but they’ve also done posters for everyone from Pasty Cline to B.B. King to Bruce Springsteen. And they’re all fabulous! Check out their shopping section to get some repro prints or t-shirts for yourself.

They’re still in business too, designing and printing posters and such, just like they have for more than a century. How cool would these posters be to promote your band? Or even as wedding invites, graduation invitations, or grand opening announcements for your business. Man, I want to have a party just so I can get some invitations done!