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Did I tell you we had a bumper crop of tomatoes this year? Yeah, we did. It was a tomato JUNGLE out there! It took them soooo long to arrive, I didn’t think we were going to get much, then at the end of August – hoo boy – things exploded! I finally just took everyone out to the garden and we had a huge picking party. I just picked them green and brought them inside to ripen because we had a lot of grasshoppers out there wanting to get a little snack! Here you can see our tomato haul – the cardboard box is full of jalapeno peppers, and Wrigley is guarding them all.

Well with so many tomatoes and jalapenos, I think you can guess what comes next! SALSA!

Well, salsa and pasta sauce and finally I just canned plain tomatoes! Total count from the “Great Tomato Fest 09” 25 pints Hot Salsa, 16 pints Mild Salsa, 3 quarts peach salsa, 22 quarts pasta sauce, 12 quarts plain tomatoes . . .  whew . . .  I’M DONE!!!

Our chickens are also doing great . . . now that they’re too big for hawks to bother! We’ve started getting eggs and average about 10 a day so far . . . it really starts to add up! I love those chickens though – they are so funny!

Here are some of the girls eating a little snack of carrots and celery . . .

Here’s Mr. Big . . . protecting his harem

Here are some fresh eggs

David loves to eat fresh eggs with homemade salsa . . . he feels so LOVED!

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  1. Sandra on October 3, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    The chickens are so beautiful and grown-up! I love the way the black and white ones stand out among the lovely red-gold ones. And wow are they working hard, laying all those amazing eggs! I also love the picture of Wrigley with your impressive harvest; her expression says, “Yeah, I did all this. Whew!” And I love October because that is when you always post a lot! Hooray!