Illustrators – Pete Hawley

If you lived at all in the 60s and 70s, you’ll probably recognize these illustrations, even if you don’t recognize the artist’s name, Pete Hawley. His style is so chubby and whimsical – once you’ve seen them, you’ll remember them!

Today’s Inspiration has a wonderful post about Pete Hawley’s illustrating career – featuring many of his drawings that weren’t for Halloween, but I just couldn’t resist sharing these with you!

The details are so fantastic! Not just the goofy expression that he so perfectly captured, it’s the little label reading, “This monster made of 100% recycled parts” HA!

Who wouldn’t want this adorable wolfman to come to their Halloween party – wearing his Halloween mask! Pete Hawley certainly put so much charm and wit into his illustrations, I’m sure you’ll become a fan if you weren’t before!