Lazy Old Cat

This is Taz – he’s our foster cat. We started taking care of him when his owner went to Iraq. When his owner came back from Iraq he didn’t know if he’d have to go back or not, so we just sort of unofficially adopted Taz. He’s pretty old, we’re not exactly sure HOW old, but around 12 or 13 human years. He’s just a “grumpy old man” cat – so he likes to lay around, sleep, eat and poop ALOT! What a life!

Gabby bought Taz a little bed for Christmas because he likes to sleep under the barstools and she felt sorry for him laying on the hard floor.

For Christmas David’s sister bought Taz and our other cat Scat a catnip mat. They LOVE it. Taz hogs it all the time, so now add to his daily list of things to do: lay around, sleep, eat, poop and GET HIGH! I know, I know, the catnip is MEDICINIAL, right Taz?