Make a Christmas Wreath

I have seen some fabulous wreaths on the internet, and all of them you can make for yourself! Which one do you like best? I just can’t decide!

This first wreath is made from paper – the tutorial to make it is at The Red Thread


Another really lovely paper wreath is from Razzle Dazzle Crafting – I love the texture on this one:


This charming rag wreath made from strips of fabric comes from Create Studio – this would look so cute with a rustic theme Christmas!


Instead of cloth, how about making a lovely wreath out of cranberries! So beautiful! There is a tutorial to make yourself one at The Idea Room


Another wreath that looks good enough to eat – BUT ISN”T! is this fun gumdrop wreath from A Pretty Cool life.


Here is another really fun and easy wreath from Better Homes and Gardening – this would be so easy to make, and it looks so adorable!


Lastly, one of my favorite ones – because my grandma used to have one of these and I always loved it, a Christmas bulb wreath. Eddie Ross shows you how to make this one and it’s a lot more easy than it looks! His turned out just gorgeous!