Only a Lass

I have spent a great deal of time making sure that Gabby grows up to be musically well-rounded. All her life I have tried to expose her to various types of music and to make sure that she appreciated the “good stuff” when she hears it.

There was a brief time in middle school when she fell into the whole BackStreet Boys, NSYNC trend and I had to bite my tongue many times. I know from experience that if you forbid some kind of music or tell a person that their tastes suck, it’s just going to make them like it more. I also understand something about the psyche of young girls and teen heartthrobs – I had my own crush on David Cassidy and I turned out just fine. Or so I tell myself.

I also think we’ve all got some musical skeletons in our closet don’t we? We all have a group or two that we loved at some point and then outgrew and are now loathe to admit we once plastered our walls with magazine pages with their photos on it *coughdavidleeroth* Didn’t everyone do that? Was it just me? Wow, now I am embarrassed.

Gabby has outgrown her pop infatuations (thankfully) and she likes to listen to a mix of new stuff (she’s currently into Panic at the Disco) and she likes the old stuff too – a whole mix of stuff from Bob Marley, to Billie Holliday, to Radiohead, to The Clash, to Patsy Cline, to Mozart and all points in between

A teacher at her school sometimes plays music during their study time and he usually plays 80s-90s stuff. One of the first weeks there he was playing something that a couple of the kids didn’t know, but Gabby identified as Foo Fighters. That put her on his good list. Then the other day he was talking to some of the kids in class and mentioned that he needed to put some Oingo Boingo on his playlist and he asked Gabby if she liked Oingo Boingo and she said yes. Then I think to challenge her, he asked her what songs she liked and she started off with “Dead Man’s Party” – and he was impressed that she actually knew what she was talking about and told her, “I like you more all the time.”

Finally! Someone is recognizing all the hard work I’ve put into crafting a super cool daughter! 🙂


  1. Sandra on February 3, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    Awesome. So, if Gabby becomes my mini-me, she will have to develop a secret, shameful fondness for a couple of hair bands that shall remane (HA! I typed it that way accidentally!) nameless. Also, you will have to start putting bricks on her head, because I don’t think my mini-me can be taller than I am. And you know, Matthew and Daniel like to call me “Stumpy.”

  2. B-Movie Star on February 4, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    I’ll see what I can do about this – the hair bands will be a bit easier than the height thing. She has refused to stop growing! She’s such a rebel!