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Looking to contact me? You may do so by emailing me: director at b-movie star dot com – thanks for your support!

How do I download your printables?

You need to click on the link provided in the blog post and depending on your computer, the file should automatically open, or it will download to your “download” folder on your desktop. You can right click the link to save the file to a folder of your choice. We recommend you open the files in the Free Adobe Reader for the best results.


I can’t get the printable files to open what should I do?

You must have the Free Adobe Reader to be able to view and print your PDF files. Make sure you have the latest version for your files to work correctly. You might also try a different internet browser.

The latest software installed on computers will automatically open a zip file when you double-click it. If not, your computer doesn’t have software already built-in, so you will need to install a zip file decompression software.

Two popular free decompression software programs are WinZip and WinRar.

If you still have problems, the file might have been corrupted when it downloaded to your computer and you need to contact us.


Can I change the colors and fonts on your printables?

Sorry, no you can not. Adobe Acrobat Reader does not allow edits of fonts or colors.


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Please do not replicate any original design, templates or photos from this web site without permission.

You may only use an original photo from this website if you are referring to a project, recipe or other content on B-Moviestar.com. You MUST link back to the original post with credit to b-moviestar.com (not the pdf file url)

You may NOT alter, transform or build upon original designs.

You may NOT promote a B-Moviestar Printable as a download on your site. That means uploading pdf files to your server.

You many NOT resell designs, printables, photos or templates.

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