Carmelly Apple Cocktail

This apple drink, originally from We Heart This, is less like a jolly rancher and more like a fresh picked apple

This a sweet drink, but the bourbon adds richness and the apple cider and ginger ale gives it a bite too. But for the lazy, the American Honey is great chilled on it’s own too. Bottoms up!

Honey Apple Martini

1 shot (2 oz) Wild Turkey American Honey
1 shot Apple Cider *
1 shot Ginger Ale

Shake first 2 ingredients in a martini shaker filled with ice (crushed is best).
Pour into large martini glass and top with Ginger Ale.
Garnish with thin slice of apple. Makes One drink.

* If you can’t find cider, Simply Apple brand 100% juice is quite good and very cider-like.