Creepcakes Roundup

There is no shortage of awesome Halloween cupcakes on the web! Which one do you like the best?

This batch of horrible creatures are from Wisdom of the Moon

Here’s another batch of monster goodies from Bakerella with detailed instructions on how to create your own.

How about a delightful ghost with a bubbling cauldron . . . uh maybe he’s stirring it while the witch is away!

Got spare parts laying around the lab? Maybe you could make cupcakes!


More EYES! (They’re in season at this time of year!)

How about some nice brains – just watch out that you don’t get Abby Normal’s!

The same place we got the brains also has some adorable skulls, and vampire bites!

Martha Stewart always has wonderful Halloween ideas. Here is a cute witch any kid would love!

These cupcakes are called “Witch’s teeth”

Not Martha has some cool creepy crawly spiders! (These cupcakes don’t even need to be baked!)

The classics always work – pop a black plastic spider on top of your orange frosting (if it’s a plastic spider ring, even better – you can wear it later!)

No time to frost your goodies? Use a stencil and some confectioner’s sugar to make some stylish and delicious treats!

While you’re waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive, you can be snacking on these cute cupcakes

If you’re really talented, you could make up some of these – they’re just gorgeous and fall inspired

Lastly, Better Homes and Gardens has some really wonderful cupcake ideas. Here are a couple of my favorites!