Halloween Stains – And How to Get Rid of Them

How to get rid of those HORRIBLE HALLOWEEN STAINS! This info is from Tide.com hence, the product placement 🙂

Chocolate and caramel candy stains

Probably the most common of all Halloween stains. Simply soak the garment in cold water and treat with a prewash stain remover (like 2X Ultra Tide® with Dawn StainScrubbers™). Then launder in warm water. Rinse and inspect the garment to make sure the stain is fully removed. If the stain remains, re-soak in cold water for about 30 minutes and repeat laundering.

Chewing gum

Too bad gum stains aren’t as much fun as actually chewing gum. But they’re not a lost cause either. If the stain is fresh and the gum is still stuck and hard, apply some ice to harden the gum residue. Next, remove gum by cracking or scraping with a dull knife. Rub the stain with a heavy duty liquid detergent. Rinse in hot water. Repeat if necessary, then launder and inspect the stain. You might have to repeat the process if the gum is not fully removed after the first run.

Fruit-based stains (pumpkin, apple cider, fruit punch)

These stains should be treated immediately. Remove any fruit and run cold water over the stain. Rub the stain with laundry detergent and rinse. Launder the item as soon as possible using the warmest water that is safe for the fabric.

Face paint/makeup

Often these stains smear onto clothing or garments as your kids are running around collecting candy or at a costume party. Treating them is no horror story though. If makeup is oil or wax based, remove excess with the back of a spoon. Treat the garment with 2X Ultra Tide® with Dawn StainScrubbers™. Then rub with heavy duty liquid detergent and scrub in the hottest water that is safe for the fabric. Again, 2X Ultra Tide® with Bleach Alterative is always a great choice for these types of stains.

Armed with these easy stain removal tips, you won’t have to face any unexpected tricks this Halloween (well, at least not from stains). So go ahead and enjoy those treats!