Halloween Treat Bags

Just thought I’d let you know how the treat-bags turned out. I decided to use brown paper sacks, I loaded them with candy, folded down the sack top and then stapled on the Halloween Treat Labels.

Then I just put on a few Halloween stickers for decoration. I made little “Ghost Pops” by wrapping a Tootsie Roll Pop with a half sheet paper towel and fastened it around the neck with a little rubber band. You could use ribbon, or string, or bread twisty ties, or whatever you have laying around. I drew a couple eyes on them, and then taped the stick (under their scary shrouds) to the brown paper bag.  Since I was making these for my nieces and nephews, I went ahead and wrote their names on them.  Easy peasy, huh?

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  1. Nice idea! on October 31, 2012 at 11:12 am

    I was looking for some gifts ideas for my friends, I am having a halloween party and I didn’t know what to do about favors. These ideas are great and easy to do.