Iced Coffee-cicles!

Remember making Kool-Aid Popsicle as a kid in the summer? Yeah, we did that. We would pour kool-aid into ice trays, cover them with plastic wrap and poke in toothpicks for the handles. Good times.  Now that I’m slightly older,  the thought of a Kool-aid Popsicle is not the most appealing thing . . . while iced coffee is. This got me to thinking, “hmm if we take the iced coffee and pour it into a mold and alter it’s molecular structure from a liquid into a solid form (yeah, this is the way I talk to myself) we could produce a frozen item that would be appealing to adults.”


Then I found this recipe and voila! Thank God for the internet folks! This is a pretty complicated recipe, print it out if you need to:

Easy coffee-cicles! Combine cold coffee and your favorite creamer (about 2/3 coffee and 1/3 creamer) Pour into ice pop molds and freeze until firm, about 2 hours.