Countdown to Halloween – With some monstrous free printable playing cards!

I’m getting my countdown to Halloween off to a slow start, but have no fear – or do have fear . . . it is the correct season for it! This year is going to be FUN and full of good stuff!

I was hoping to have this  site redone by the beginning of October, but nevermind, my laboratory is always a mess and I just can’t help but to keep tinkering with things trying to create the perfect monster . . . website that is!

Today I’ve got a fun set of printable playing cards for you to download – and a fun game to try out at your next party or eternal-sleepover!

art by Otis Frampton

art by Otis Frampton

Here is fun card game you can play with your new cards!  While you could possibly play it with as few as four people, it is much better with a group of ten to twenty, so it’s perfect for a Mad Monster Party or Family Reunion!

This should be played in a dimly lit place. Bright lights make it easier to identify the murderer.
Take one card for each player from a deck of cards.
Set the remaining cards aside, they will not be used.
Show the top card from your selected pile to the group and announce aloud that this card is the card of the murderer.
Place the card back in the pile and shuffle the stack well.
Pass out the cards to the group and tell them not to let anyone else see the card they have been dealt.
The one who gets the murderer’s card becomes the murderer for this round.

Everyone joins hands.
The murderer sets about his/her work by squeezing the hand of the person next to them a certain number amount of times. That person passes the squeezes on to the next person minus one squeeze. When a person only receives one squeeze that person is dead and must feign death in an agonizing manner and then leave the circle.
Everyone who is not the murderer may try to guess who the murderer is at any time. If they guess correctly they win the round. If they guess incorrectly, however, they die and leave the circle.
People who have died are not allowed to speak.
If there are only two people left in the circle, the murderer has won this round.
Award the winner with a favor if you choose.
To play another round, reshuffle the cards, pass them out and so forth.
Have fun! This game is addicting.

Here are the cards I’ve created for you – just click the image or link below to download a zip file. Use winzip or a similar program to unzip the file. Inside you’ll find a pdf with all the cards that can be printed.  All you need to do is print them, cut out and start having fun!



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