Halloween Wreath

Every house needs a Halloween wreath! They’re not just for Christmas anymore!! I have seen so many fun and scary wreath ideas that if you look on Pinterest or Google, you’re sure to find a wreath that suits your particular decorating style! This year we decided to make graveyard inspired wreath, with a bit of an homage to Edgar Allen Poe! These are soooo simple to make and you can just use what you have or whatever strikes you to make something unique and fun!


To make a similar wreath you will basically need these items:


  • A grapevine wreath (purchase these at any crafts store or department store with a crafts section)
  • Ribbons or fabric strips. We used something we found called “freaky fabric” I like the spiderweb/rotting grave cloth look of it, but we originally purchased sparkly purple ribbon which could be nice, but we just chose to go with a more “threadbare” approach.
  • Flowers and foliage – whatever colors your wreath needs. Our flowers came with bats and spiders mixed into the bouquets so that was perfect for us.
  • A skull and skeleton hands
  • Miscellaneous bits of decor – we used a raven and some plastic spiders. But again, you could use anything really! Plastic bats, pumpkins, snakes, eyeballs – the possibilities are ENDLESS!
  • You will also need a hot glue gun, and possibly some wire and wire cutters – depending on what decor you are attaching to your wreath.

We bought everything we used at the dollar store. We were doing this on the cheap. If I were to make another one, I think I would buy more flowers. You can always NOT use something, but it’s handy to have a bit extra, or some options when you’re working.

The first step in making your wreath is to wrap the wreath with ribbon or cloth. We liked the the way this fabric hung off the wreath like spiderwebs or rotting grave cloth. If you use ribbon, you might want to wrap it tight – whatever you like! This is the stage where we tried the purple ribbon and it just made it a little too happy and sparkly for us. We liked the more sparse look and the ribbon overpowered the freaky fabric, so we made a little design adjustment.


When you’re designing, you should probably lay out your items on the wreath so you have an idea of how you would like the wreath to look when it’s finished. As you’re working, you’ll probably make changes and tweaks, as you’ll discover things may lay differently on the wreath than when you were just planning it out. It’s good to start with the larger items and kind of build around them.  Another good design rule is that it’s more pleasing to the eye when you group things in odd numbers. If you’re making a cluster of flowers or spiders or whatever, just remember odd numbers work better. It’s not a hard and fast rule, just a guideline.


For our hands, we used some salad tongs that we found. We glued them together with hot glue to form a cross, like this. Then we wired the arms to the wreath. (Ooops we forgot photos of that!)



Next, we put the skull on. First, we tried hot gluing the wire to the skull as shown and then tieing the skull to the wreath. This worked for a bit, but it wasn’t sturdy enough and the hot glue just peeled right off the plastic. What we ended up doing was using a nail to poke two holes into the bottom of the skull and then threading the wire through the base of the skull which allowed us to just wire the skull directly to the wreath with no hot glue needed. We also repositioned the skull to the top of the wreath rather than off the side.


We also used wire and hot glue on the raven. We glued the wire to the raven’s feet and then wired him to the wreath!


When we got everything positioned how we liked, we stepped back from out Halloween wreath and decided it could use a sprinkling of plastic spiders! We had a handful of those just laying around – as everyone does, I’m sure, and we just hot glued those suckers on!  I hope you like our Halloween wreath and I hope you decide to make one of your own! If you do, we’d love to see photos!




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