Day 19 – Scary Ads

Remember when you were a kid and those old comic book ads were as fascinating as the comic itself?  Here’s a few that you might remember, and if you don’t remember them – see what you were missing! (click on the image for a larger view)

This one is great – it has the standard x-ray glasses that are the watermark of cool, but it also carries the harder to find laser gun. Oh wait, that’s not a laser gun, but the PLANS for you to build your OWN laser gun – well crap! That will never do. I guess I’ll spend my money and buy the device that will develop my HE-MAN voice! Finally, that career in radio broadcasting that’s eluded me thus far is MINE! muhahahaha!

Did you notice the ad for the Venus Fly Trap? Those were almost as popular as Sea Monkeys. Here’s another one I found in a different comic book.

And yet another one . . .

Look at all the other cool stuff we could buy on this one – a Monster hand – (hours of fun with that one I bet) – oh and don’t forget the accompanying MONSTER FOOT – aw, what the heck, might as well buy TWO of those . . . if you were smart, you’d skip the hand and foot and just splurge and get the WHOLE skeleton! (Did you see that fine print – “No gluing, No painting – parts snap together! Free Anatomy Chart included!”  I don’t want to LEARN dammit! Forget that!)

Last, but not least here’s some awesome monster kits – just in time for Halloween!