Apple Peeler

If you have bushels of apples to peel I HIGHLY recommend getting yourself an apple peeler.  When we moved into the house we live in now, we inherited a couple of apple trees. I bought an apple peeler at my sister in laws Pampered Chef party and believe -you- me I am so thankful I had the forsight to make that purchase.

I opened it up for the first time this year and I was looking at it like, “crap, how am I going to work this contraption?” But you know what – it’s super easy.  It attaches to the table or counter top like a clamp you would use for woodworking – just screws right on. We put a towel on the table – pretty ugly I know, but the apples were so juicy, sticky apple juice was just running everywhere and this was our attempt to keep it under control.

You push the apple onto the forked prongs on the end of the “twisty bar” and then you start turning the handle.  One metal part peels the apples while at the same time the apple is being pushed though a coring and slicing end. It all happens very quickly and easily – amazing!

I recommend it!