Halloween Cocktails & Scary Movies!

Looking for a delightful and spooky adult beverage for the Halloween season? I’ve compiled a list of some of the most gorgeous and delicious ones as well as some scary movie pairings I think you’ll enjoy as well!


  1. Swamp Swill and The Aligator People. First, how about a Swamp Swill Martini paired with Aligator People? Eek! That palmetto bug garnish is almost too lifelike, which means it’s perfect for Halloween. Made with a black olive and chive antennae, that creepy critter oversees a briny gin Martini complete with a sprig of fresh oregano. Get the recipe.  While enjoying your swamp swill, I think you’ll find the movie, “The Aligator People,” has just the right feel of oppressive humidity and  cheesy southern gothic terror!


2. Mr. Hyde Potion and Mary Reilly. Ready to let your inner party monster loose? Take this herbaceous potion into the lab. Vodka, blackberry liqueur, tarragon and lavender syrups and parfait amour liqueur (a purple-tinged orange liqueur) might have you seeing double by the end of the night. Get the recipe. To pair with this dangerous cocktail, I’ve chosen the movie, Mary Reilly. We all know the Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde story, so maybe watching it from the housekeeper’s perspective will add a bit of dimension this Halloween!


3. Black Beard and Captain Blood. Named for the notorious English pirate who terrorized the West Indies, this cocktail is black as the ocean floor. The secret to its foreboding color? A barely-there slip of squid ink (or black food coloring if you prefer). No, it doesn’t make the cocktail taste like liquefied octopus. Instead, you’ll find a burly mix of spiced rum, Fernet Branca, crème de cacao and chocolate stout. Get the recipe. For the movie pairing, I’ve chosen the Errol Flynn classic “Captain Blood.” If you love pirates and pirate movies, this is one of the best!


4. La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) and Mama. Add dry ice to the top of your shopping list, stat. You won’t regret it once your guests witness the ghostly wisps of smoke floating across the top of this pisco cocktail. Serve it with its namesake ghost story about La Llorona, the forlorn woman in white who haunts bodies of water wailing for her lost children. Get the recipe. This movie pairing is another sad and haunting tale from Guillermo del Toro, Mama. Get ready to be scared and heartbroken all in one!


5.  Vodka Tonic Jello Shots and The Blob. Don’t be hoodwinked: There’s no sinister magic inside these citrusy glowing shots. Just good old fashioned tonic water, which glows under black light thanks to its quinine content. Not in the mood for vodka? Go for Gin & Tonic bats instead. Get the recipe. For these glowing jiggling shots, I thought it might be fun to watch Steve McQueen battle The Blob! The opening music is killer too!


6.  Sleepy Hollow Cocktail and Sleepy Hollow! Conjure carefully: This otherworldly glass of absinthe, mezcal and allspice dram might have you seeing visions of headless horsemen after a few sips. Complete the fire and brimstone effect with a smoking rosemary garnish—and beware the road after dark. Get the recipe. If you’re drinking this, of course you’ll probably want to watch, “Sleepy Hollow.” It doesn’t get better than Christopher Walken as the Headless Horseman!


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  1. Chelsea Celaya on October 23, 2016 at 1:01 pm

    It is completely ironic that I found this post! I was just looking for recipes to try to mix up for tonight. I decided to finally look through fellow cryptkeeper’s blogs and then I came across this! What irony! Nice guide. I love the pairing with a film.