Halloween Countdown – Horror Express

Tonight I’m going to recommend a great B-movie for your Halloween viewing pleasure, Horror Express! 



Maybe you’re saying to yourself, (and if you’re saying this to yourself, chances are you’re drunk), maybe you’re saying to yourself, “I feel like watching a movie where we team up Grand Moff Tarkin and Saruman, throw in a dash of Kojak, a splash of Yeti, a pinch of Rasputin, and a big ol’ swig of crazy physics and time travel. Now, throw in a hot babe or two circa 1906,  mix it up and put it all on the Orient Express barreling through a frozen Siberian wasteland!”

If you’ve ever thought of all these things together, have I got the movie for YOU!

I remember seeing this movie as a kid, and I think like most B-movies, if you’ve first seen them as a kid, somehow you can overlook all the pesky details and just take the story for what it’s worth, somehow all these disjointed and obscure elements can work together and make sense. So, put on your viewing spectacles of a 10 year old kid and this movie is going to be awesome!


Two Englishmen and a bald Cossack walk into a bar . . .

I don’t want to ruin any of the movie for you but seeing Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee is always good. Christopher Lee is an anthropologist, riding the Orient Express while bringing back a Himalayan fossil that he believes to be a link in the evolutionary chain. Peter Cushing is a colleague traveling on the Orient Express as well. There is an evil monk, so there’s that. (Don’t trust him, but I’m sure you’ll get that vibe from him right away). There’s also a great hulking monster that prowls around sucking the knowledge out of people’s brains, leaving them smooth and making them bleed from their eyes – you know this is the stuff of 10 year old nightmares! The monster’s eyes also glow red in the dark, perfect, and it also leaves his victims with bulging blank eye sockets . . . oooooohhhhhh so creepy!  I won’t even try to explain what the heck the eyes have to do with everything, there’s some image left on them of prehistoric times . . . and space and . . .  my god, it’s full of stars . . . . oh wait, that’s a different movie altogether.

Let’s just say there is a bunch of people stumbling onto corpses and murky shots of  the monster prowling around and menacing helpless hot women and a couple of kids sleeping innocently in their beds. There’s a mystery that must be solved . . . it’s sort of like an old Sherlock Homes movie with more blood and less logic. What’s not to love! It also ends with what else . . . a great explosion!

Add this movie to your cheesy horror movie watch list – dial down the lights and expectations and turn up the spooky FUN!

The B-MovieStar gives Horror Express  3 out of 5 kisses 3kisses3kisses


  1. Richard on October 10, 2014 at 10:07 am

    Also note that it moves along rather well. There’s not much dead time or filler. And since the movie is in the public domain, and thus freely watchable or downloadable from many sites, you have no excuse not to see it!

    Your fellow 2014 Cryptkeeper,
    Richard @ pureblather.com

  2. B-Movie Star on October 12, 2014 at 4:54 pm

    Thank you so much! You are right, I watched it on Amazon for free, but it is widely available!