MST3K Anniversary

“Twenty years after the debut of “MST3K” (with a new DVD boxed set from Shout! Factory to celebrate the occasion), the show’s creators talk about the show as if it were a mad scientist’s experiment, one that could have been produced only under a precise set of conditions that are practically irreproducible today.”  (Read the entire New York Times Article)

Oh how I love you Mystery Science Theatre and I won’t even go into that whole Joel vs. Mike argument – who cares! They both have their good points, can’t we all just get along?

I do know I secretly loved Pearl Forrester the best . . . I mean she’s my role model, after all. I too want to be an evil mad scientist and rule the world! I want flying monkeys. She has a gorilla. That’s close enough. She has Brain Guy. I have David. Close enough. It’s like we’re twins isn’t it?

Watch this and laugh . . . if you’re drinking beer (or are in other ways chemically altered) it helps too.

If you want more check out Joel’s latest work at Cinematic Titanic or Mike’s Project RiffTrax