Halloween Weekend – GET EXCITED!

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!


Halloween weekend! I know you are all as excited as I am!!! There’s so much going on! Bonfires, costumes, Trick or Treaters, scary movie marathons! Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

So here’s some last minute links for you to enjoy and get all you Halloween Grinches in the MOOD! 🙂

Countdown to Halloween – 206 participants this year! Wow – that’s plenty to keep Halloween alive all year long!

John Rozum

Magic Carpet Burn

The Drunken Severed Head

Orange and Black

The Captains Ramblings

365 Halloween

Frankensteinia Blog

There’s also a few spooky sites like

Your Ghost Stories

American Ghost Stories

This just has some good links for lots of Halloween Goodness  – Design Crush

And if your cable is shut off or you just want to hang out in the chat room with a bunch of monster movie fanatics – check this out – a weekend monster movie marathon at 100 Years of Monster Movies.

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