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Spring Bouquets

Here are some really nice ideas to add some flowers to your home for spring.  I’ve been planning a spring brunch and looking around for flower ideas and came across these – aren’t they nice? I would love to have one of each.  These are so great because you can buy the flowers and do…

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Flower Arrangements

While I was working, I liked to try to keep the flowers different heights, and sort of sprinkled about “naturally.” It’s also important not to cut your flowers too long or too short. It will probably take a bit of practice to get the hang of this. If you cut them too short your arrangement sort of sinks into the container, and too long doesn’t allow the flower to drink too easily from the foam. It’s good to step back occasionally and look at your arrangement from a bit of a distance so you’ll keep the entire arrangement in your mind as you work. Another good tip is to imagine in your mind a center point where all the flowers start from – this helps to keep your arrangement “flow” in a pleasing manner.

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