Okay, so I have to share some Christmas highlights with you – since I haven’t really written too much about them. First, was this Christmas goose! He was hanging out at our local Pizza Hut. He was just laying in the snow all by himself and when I tried to take his photo, he got all indignant and honked and me. The  nerve! When we asked about him inside they didn’t really know too much about him, but they were feeding him – so I guess he was doing okay – just hanging out for Christmas!

Next, is my in-laws Christmas tree – it was such a beautiful tree and they bought it on Christmas eve for a discount! You can’t get much better than that. It was still nice – not dried out like you would expect. Here’s a photo David took – really it was lovely.

Lastly, I got a sewing machine for Christmas. Now, I’m going to tell you a secret. I have never sewn. Ever. I know NOTHING about sewing. I am embarrassed to admit that when I was in high school and most girls were taking what was called “Home Ec” (It’s called something else now, but I can’t remember what), anyway while they were learning to sew and cook and balance a checkbook or whatever, I was learning to weld. Yes. Weld. In high school I had this crazy idea that I would never need to know how to cook or sew or balance a checkbook because I was a liberated type woman and since I would be living in some art colony the most valuable skill I could have would be welding. I so regret this decision, now in the light of day, when I’ve had to teach myself how to cook and balance a checkbook and other practical things and I have NEVER EVER had the occasion to weld ANYTHING.

So, recently I got this bug up my butt that I wanted to learn how to sew. I hinted around and so I got a sewing machine for Christmas. Last week I went out and bought a couple yards of material and some thread and scissors so I could start practicing. Today, since everyone is gone and I can concentrate, I busted the machine out to see what I could do.

Look! I have actually THREADED the machine!

I even learned how to wind the bobbins with thread! This is HUGE for me I was wondering how these bobbins got threaded – I thought I would have to do it by hand! Are you laughing? I was when I discovered this modern technology that does it for you! We live in magical times people! Magical!

I even got the needle threaded without driving it through my fingernail – a real fear that I had.

Now, stand back because this is HUGE I have actually sewn some stitches onto fabric! Amazing. It’s pretty fun actually. They aren’t the straightest seams in the world, I have some practicing to do with that, but this is the most I’ve ever sewn in my life, and I’m pretty psyched about it.

When we were out buying the fabric and thread I picked up a pattern to see if I could make sense of them. I looked for something really simple – and I found this:

I’m thinking this is really out of my league right now . . . I told Gabby I needed to start with something more my speed – like a tablecloth.