And now back to our regularly scheduled programming

When I’m setting at my computer desk – I’ll take a picture of that sometime when it’s cleaned off – I have some lovely views  of our backyard. On my left side, about 8 feet away is a smaller window that looks out onto a nice tree and the roof of one of our sheds. I like this view because in the summer its just full of green leaves. It’s very peaceful.

The other day when I looked out, there was a whole group of woodpeckers in the tree. I’ve seen woodpeckers around here, but only one or two at at time. There were like six in this tree! I wanted to go to the window and take a photo but there were a couple problems. First, they were all hopping around busily and didn’t seem inclined to stay in one place for a photo shoot. Second, I didn’t want to scare them away with my movements, so I just took the photos from where I was setting. (This is my explanation for the bad photography).

Here’s the best one of the few I took. I went ahead and circled the woodpeckers for you. I should have made this like a hidden picture puzzle, like you did in grade school. Crap. I always think of these ideas too late. If if makes you feel better, I may have missed one or two, you can try to find more if you like.

And now, here’s a photo that David took the other day. It has nothing to do with Woodpeckers, I just think it’s funny.


  1. Sandra on December 6, 2008 at 3:54 pm

    The Wrigley snout is killing me. I thought I found another woodpecker, on the left side of the window. He’s directly across from the top leftmost bird, he’s right next to the strip between the two window panes, and his belly is sort of facing the camera. Matthew does not think it is a bird.

  2. creative kerfuffle on December 6, 2008 at 7:14 pm

    love love love the picture of the woodpeckers. i’ve seen one or two in our backyard before, but never that many at once. that has to be some sort of record. and thanks for stopping by my blog : )

  3. B-Movie Star on December 10, 2008 at 2:30 pm

    Sandra – I can’t tell on that one. They’ve got that camouflage thing down!

    CK – Good to see you! 🙂