I forgot to tell you that while we were out shopping, I discovered that I’ve passed my obsession for decorated paper to my daughter.  We spent 20 minutes at Hobby Lobby looking at wrapping paper – narrowing our choices from all the ones we loved.  Then at Target when we rounded the wrapping paper aisle, Gabby was pleading with me, “Don’t make me go down this aisle! NO, please! Oh look at this one! Gasp – look how CUTE this one is!” We bought two more rolls of paper there. We didn’t even need wrapping paper really. We still have some from last year. It’s too beautiful though, and some of them can be used anytime – not just at Christmas. (That’s the excuse we make to buy them)

Then of course you’ll need ribbons and tags . . . It’s all so deliciously lovely!

We also found a tree topper.  We have an angel, which looks good on a traditional tree, but last year we got a silver tinsel tree and she just doesn’t go with it. The tree topper we used was a really old one that I got with some vintage bulbs, but it’s not very pretty and Gabby wanted a new one. We decided the red glittery star would “pop” against the silver tree and blue bulbs.

It also came with the small packaging commandment to Be Jolly. Okay.