Best Gift

Over at Re-Nest they asked the question, what’s the best gift you ever received that wasn’t a “thing.”  I think that’s a really good question.  My answers might be kind of sappy but I can think of two.

The first gift was a word. When I was in college one of my friends gave me the word “Elysium” for my birthday. He had pasted the word onto a piece of cardboard and made a little collage with the definition of the word and some images. I was very touched by the gift because it seemed like something he had thought about and spent some time putting together. Whenever I hear that word, I think of him and I think secretly that it’s “my” word since I got it for my birthday.

Elysium: Any place or state of perfect happiness; paradise.

Another friend of mine once gave me a song. This person was a very good friend and we’d had a falling out. It was around Christmastime, and although he didn’t celebrate Christmas, I guess he thought it would be a good time to apologize and try to make things better. He came by my house with a cassette and said he wanted to give me a song for Christmas. Of course I forgave him and we became friends again. We’ve lost touch since that time – mostly because the last I knew he moved back to Malaysia where his family lived, but I still remember him fondly and think of him every time I listen to this song.

So what’s your best “non-thing” gift?