Bright Spots

I made some cupcakes last night for a friend of my daughter.  I can’t believe they are all getting so old. Today she’s 17. Holy crap. Wasn’t she just ten a few weeks ago?

They were just from a mix – Funfetti – as specified by Dear Daughter.  I frosted them with Vanilla frosting so I could dye some little batches with different colors.

I thought they turned out cute for not spending too much time on it.

Then I topped them with a Junior Mint – because she loves Junior Mints. They reminded me of illustrations of cakes in books when I was a kid. The cakes always had round things in the middle. As a child I remember thinking that they were probably supposed to be cherries, but sometimes they didn’t look like cherries in the pictures. It always disturbed me – were they cherries or not? Now at long last I know. They were Junior Mints!

Well Happy Birthday, anyway!