Cat Fight

Scat and Taz

I woke up at 5:00 a.m. because my back was killing me, so I got up and went out to sit in the chair in the living room. On the way to the living room I let one of the cat’s out. I was just dozing off in the chair when I hear cats screaming outside so I jumped up – waking up hubby and the dog when I kicked the ottoman over as I jumped up – I hurried to the sliding glass door to break up the cat fight and as I opened the door the dog bolted out to chase the attacking cat away. I saw our dog take out after the strange cat in one direction and our cat take off in the other direction.  sigh.  Hubby had to go out after the dog and I tried to find the cat. No luck, so I went back inside and flipped on the television to watch some cartoons until hubby came back with the dog. In the meantime, B-movie Princess was awakened from all the commotion and came out to lie on the sofa.

Finally, hubby came back with the dog and the cat returned of his own volition and we discovered that the strange cat had torn a thin stripe into our cat’s upper left ear. The same ear that was already nicked from a fight a year or so ago. I felt so bad for our poor cat.

Later, when I was discussing it with B-movie Princess I told her how bad I felt for our timid cat. “He’s such a nice cat,” I said, and she started laughing at me saying, “I know if those other cats would just take the time to get to know our cat they wouldn’t want to beat him up all the time.”