Well, if you haven’t noticed, things have changed around here. I always do this. I think, “wow this closet really needs to be cleaned and I just can’t stand it one more minute.” Then I take everything out of the closet and about halfway into putting everything in order. I look around at the much bigger mess I’ve just created and wonder who in the hell had the bright idea to start this project!?

That’s pretty much how I feel right now.

You know when something goes wrong on your car, and the person who’s going to fix it tells you, “oh it’s just this little thing and it’ll take an hour to fix and about $100.00.” Well my rule of thumb with car repairs after many years of experience is that you double the cost and triple the time estimates . . . you won’t be exact, but you’ll be a heck of a lot closer to the actual amounts than when you started. Changing a website is a lot like that. Suddenly there’s all these little details that I forgot would have to be changed and adjusted. I’m so naive I swear! I always go into things like Little Red Riding-hood skipping down the lane to grandma’s house . . . when suddenly who should appear? Yep. The Big Bad Wolf! (what’s up with all the analogies?)

Anyhoo . . . sorry for any inconvenience you may experience on this site for a few days. Don’t give up hope and don’t go away mad . . . and don’t just go away! Stick around, I promise it will get better! 🙂