Day 11 – Chilling Sounds!

I was searching online for a copy of a halloween record we had as a kid – one of those ones you play that has scary sounds and music. I remember one halloween party where we were gathered around in the dark listening to this one. I could picture the album in my head and I would know it if I saw it again. Turns out it’s a Disney record – shocker, I know!

Well, I also found an awesome site called “Mostly Ghostly Music Sharing Blaaahhhhggg” where you can listen to the whole album (*warning – “Chinese Water Torture”, not P.C. to say the least – also there’s an annoying music clip playing when you go to this page, scroll down to the bottom to turn it off if you want to).  The scary sounds are still fun though and I love all the other albums he has to offer on his site, including Boris Karloff and Alfred Hitchcock Albums! Sweet!

Remember this album from the the Comic Book Ads? I was so thrilled to see it – it just satisfies my curiosity after all these years! Click on them for larger views. You can also download this album from the Mostly Ghostly site.

And one more thing I found on this site – a copy of this record that came on the back of Honeycomb cereal. It was so crazy finding it because I haven’t thought about this in YEARS.  Once I saw it though it brought back a flood of memories of my best friend and I putting together a skit of this story and playing the record while we acted the story out – Already a B-moviestar at such a young age!

Okay, just go visit this site and I’ll quit talking about it like I’m getting paid to promote it or something! It’s just a treasure trove of great Halloween Records – you gotta see it for yourself!