Coming Up Roses

Yesterday, David brought me these roses. Yes, he is sweet. You should smell them though, especially the large red one in the front – the scent is UNBELIEVABLE.

Really, it’s so good I want to take a bite out of the rose.  You know that most commercially grown flowers have little to no scent. It’s something that is bred out of them, I guess. I mean I still love flowers from a flower shop, but they just don’t smell that much. These roses were grown by a man who lived in our area.  He passed away the other day, and people in the community volunteered to pick his roses to make a bouquets for the funeral.

A couple that was helping with the flowers asked David to stop by and help them with an electronic problem that they were having, and to thank him they gave him this bouquet.  He brought it home for me and I was so thrilled.  I wish the internet had scratch and sniff, because you would love this smell – even if you think that only little old ladies like rose scent – this one is heavenly.

Somehow this segues into me thinking about perfume. When I was younger there was a booth at the local Renaissance Festival (yeah, so I went to the RenFests, you should not be surprised about that) where you could make your own perfumes from essential oils. I think I went to the RenFest mostly to go to that booth. I would try to buy enough to last me all year.  I still have one bottle with a tiny little drop at the bottom of a scent that I loved so much – it was just called “Sun”. I have no idea what fragrances were mixed to make this scent which is really sad isn’t it? The last time I went to the Ren Fest the booth wasn’t there and I was just out of luck. Funny, I haven’t been to a RenFest since then . . . what’s the use?! 😉

Anyway, today at Housemartin, she talks about going to a shop in NY called Le Labo which sounds like a pretty divine place to visit.

You can make your own perfumes, buy pre-made perfumes, candles, home scents, and notebooks to record your sensory experiments . . .  man, I think I want a job there. They also teach you to develop your sense of smell to refine your olfactory palette – sweet!  And how cool is that packaging? Yeah.

I also found a few links that describe how to make your own perfume if you can’t afford to buy from Le Labo, or just want to try something different.

How to Make Perfumes

Making your own Perfumes

Perfume and Cologne Recipes

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  1. Sandra on September 21, 2008 at 7:08 pm

    I love this site! You’re an excellent storyteller. Can I have a movie star alias? It’s funny, I never wear perfume and rarely enjoy smelling it on other people, but the Le Labo site made me want some! I think I would get the Bergamote or the Vetiver. I do like some scents that I have a nostalgic attachment to, like my mom’s L’Air du Temps and my dad’s Old Spice. I was amused to find out that one of my yoga teachers, a dancer who is very petite and girly, wears Old Spice deodorant. She says it’s the only non-antiperspirant deodorant that keeps her from getting really stinky during a full day of dancing. Ha, this sounds like an ad now.
    Also, what a lovely story about the people getting together to honor their neighbor’s memory with bouquets of his own beautiful flowers. More stories! More!