Countdown in 40 . . . 39 . .

So, it’s lent. I always think it’s COUNTDOWN TO SPRING! Easter always signals spring for me and I’m so excited to begin to see the green popping out and birds begin to come back – all the good stuff – warm weather, longer days, YAY!

I was driving home yesterday and I saw a tractor plowing up the stubble in a field and I started thinking about another thing that reminds me of spring – burning fields. Around these here parts (that’s me falling into local dialect) the farmers begin to burn the stubble in the fields so that they can prepare them for spring planting. Depending on what crops they are planting, they sometimes do this in the fall too, but it seems more common in the spring. Some nights you’ll be driving and see huge fires burning in the night. It’s sort of mysterious feeling to see bright orange bonfires burning in the dark night. I have a wild imagination, I know, but I always think of some faraway purification ritual going on . . . okay, sure it’s all melodramatic, but I also like to imagine I see dragons and giant robots as I’m driving. It makes life more interesting. 🙂

The burning fields and lent go hand in hand because they are both a time when you’re “starting over” in a way.  The fires that seem to destroy the field are actually clearing out what’s unusable and turning it into nutrients for the soil. I think of lent as a time of sacrifice to “clear out” unnecessary things in your life and make room for new thoughts or reconnecting with what you feel is important.

Anyway, I’ve been struggling with what I was going to give up and I’ve decided that my time spent online is something that I let take up a big chunk of my time. I need to spend some time in real life reconnecting with projects and goals that I have.  So, I will be online, but I’m going to curtail the amount of time I spend here. It’s going to be tough – I’m already getting freaked out about the idea – but I’ll try to keep you updated on how it’s going.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to use the small amount of time I’m allowing myself to be online to really narrow down what things I do online to the most beneficial ones.  Seriously, I have 318 feeds in my Bloglines reader . . . I’m addicted to blog reading! LOL