Day 1 – “I bid you velcome . . .”

Holy Cow! it’s October 1st and I’m not even ready for all of this! Yes, the annual HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN has begun! YAY! Around these parts, it’s just beginning to feel like autumn. Yesterday David asked me if we were having an Indian Summer, because it was so warm. The leaves haven’t even started to change color in earnest, but I can feel a slight shift in the air and I know Halloween is on it’s way! I’m excited because this year, we’re having a party for all my nieces and nephews – it’s always so much more fun when there’s a lot of kids to celebrate Halloween with.  (I can’t wait to see them in their costumes!)

If you’re having a Halloween party this year, don’t forget about these printable invitations that I created last year. If I have some spare time (HA) I’m going to try to make some new ones for this year – I’ll let you know if I get that accomplished! There’s also these treat bag labels from last year too . . .

So anyway, to kick off this Halloween Season, here’s a cool little video of a pumpkin carving itself!