Day 12 – In which we pretend 12 comes after 9

So, yeah, I missed a couple days posting . . . let’s just gloss over that little fact and get back to business okay? Well, it’s Monday and I’m having a terrible time keeping my eyes open. It’s so cold and dreary here . . . perfect Halloween weather you say? I guess so, but I could use an hour or two more of sleep and this weather does nothing to perk me up. I’m going Halloween shopping later . . . I’ll try to hang on to that inspiration to keep me going!

Today I thought I’d try to help you understand a bit better why I love Halloween so much – for one thing Monsters were so popular during my childhood in the 60s – 70s. If you grew up around that time you probably remember some of these!

We have the first family of Horror – The Aadams Family! I seriously wanted to move in with this family. I still do.

Then we have the residents of 1313 Mockingbird Lane

Yvonne DeCarlo . . . how I love you! (Oh, and who can forget Dragula . . .)

Then there were the lesser known Groovie Ghoulies

And the Funky Phantom which seemed to be some sort of Scooby Doo derivitative

Don’t even get me started on Scooby Doo – I used to love that show, but what the heck has happened to Scooby Doo? They’ve had so many versions of that show I barely recognize it anymore! This is the one I know and love.

And those were just the tv shows  Рwhat about the commericals?!

Now I think you’re beginning to get the picture. I ate way too much cereal and watched way too many cartoons as a kid.