Day 15 – Arachnophobia

So, some workment from the city are here this a.m. installing a new gas line. I guess it’s necessary but seriously, it seems like they have to tear up our yard once a year for something or other. I spent a lot of time (not to mention money) this spring re-landscaping the front of the house . . . argh!

From where I’m setting I can see part of a mound of dirt piled up and it looks like a good sized pile.  The day started off so promising too . . . well no, it was just another morning, but I had no idea i would have a crew of guys destroying my front lawn before 10 a.m.  I’m just wondering whether the daliahs are surviving . . . oh crap, I’m seeing more dirt flying.

Don’t look . . . Don’t look . . .  and you thought the Halloween countdown was going to be scary . . . well nothing’s quite as scary as your local government at work – unless it’s your FEDERAL government at work! Ah, but that’s a post for another holiday.

Okay, well I’ve completely forgotten what I was going to post about today so I shall leave you with this gem from Rod Serling’s series Night Gallery (1970 – 1973).

Here’s one that makes me laugh now, but wow – did it freak me out as a kid!

“The story behind this offering: a word which we’ve coined just for the occasion — arachnophobia. It means for our purposes a special distaste for those crawly little beasties with the multi-legged hairy bodies. In other words, A Fear of Spiders, the title of our first painting in this, the Night Gallery.”