Day 17 – Random Stuff

It’s Friday, YAY and we edge ever closer to HALLOWEEN night! I’ve got just some random stuff today.

First up, a hand decorated Halloween themed coffee cup seen in a trash can – yeah that’s funny and random!

The person who sent it to me said, yes, they did get weird looks for taking photos of the trash.

Upon closer inspection you can see there’s a very cute vampire drawn on the coffee cup:

Monster Rally is having a Halloween countdown too. He has some great links you should check out.

Plaid Stallions who “mock the 70s one catalog page at a time” have a great post about Collegeville and Ben Cooper costumes from the 70s. Funny, and a great trip down memory lane. “What were adults thinking at that time?” that’s what I ask myself everytime I see a photo from the 70s, then I remember drugs were often involved. Oh yeah.

DoomBuggies has a really great site about Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

And endagadet has an article for you to turn your own place into a haunted house! CREEPY!

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  1. Sandra on October 17, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    I suffered for Art. And Halloween.