Day 22 – An apple (or more) a day!

I have seen so many awesome apple ideas on the web recently – I just have to share! First are these OMG Black and Red Candy Apples from Mattbites – These are so beautiful it took my breath away when I first saw the photo – and hey – sucking the breath out of someone, that’s pretty Halloween-y! Matt gives great instructions so you can wow the guests at your Halloween party!

Now for something completely different! These cute little guys would be the hit of any child’s party!Adorable huh? I saw these over at Taste of Home – The photo seems pretty self-explanatory, but click on the link to get all the details!

Remember making these “shrunken head” apples as a kid? I’m going to make some with my nephew this year . . . I’m pretty sure he’s going to love making something so macabre! They are pretty simple to make – it just takes some time, but watching them dry and shrivel up is half the fun! Over at Our Best Bites, they have wonderful instructions on how to make these!

Lastly, a shout out to Sandra – here’s a vegan carmel apple recipe from 365 Halloween! I love this photo too – so gruesome looking!

Such great ideas, huh? And here, you thought apples were all healthy and stuff!