Day 24 – Halloween Linkorama!

Well, I thought I’d give everyone an early treat today and post a photo of me leaving to go buy groceries . . .

Aw, not really. Usually my handbag doesn’t match my shoes nearly that well!

This photo actually came from a fantastic group of vintage Halloween images from The Chicago Tribune archives. Some are really endearing – and others may conjure up some spooky memories!

I couldn’t resist this! It’s a set of plastic figures called “Horrified B Movie Victims Actor Action Figures” And yes, you can buy your very own!  It’s comes with:

  • Nine 2-1/2” (6.4 cm) to 3” (7.6 cm) tall, hard vinyl victims
  • An array of horrified poses are included: Shock, Awe, Fear and of course the female slipping in high heels.

Priceless! At first I thought it weird that they were running away from a giant green teddy bear, but then again, is that really any stranger than a giant preying mantis?

I also found another fantastic jackolantern gallery. There are some really twisted and talented people out there carving pumpkins!

Lastly if you love Halloween you should check out Spookshows. They have some fantastic t-shirts for sale with vintage artwork – LOVE them!

There’s also vintage Halloween items for sale, Halloween articles, Halloween albums . . . but wait, there’s MORE!

Free vintage poison labels for your Halloween decorating fun! Scare your neighbors, terrify your kid’s teachers, suprise those nosy snooping Halloween guests! There’s a million uses for these! Go there!