Day 25 – Arachnophobia

Have you seen the photos from Australia of a spider eating a bird? It’s freaking me out! I really don’t like spiders. I think that’s a common phobia isn’t it? Most everyone in my family hates spiders. I have two brothers, grown men with children of their own, who I’ve seen scream and run like little girls when they’ve encountered a spider. And they aren’t ashamed to admit this. I think I’m more tolerant of spiders than they are. I don’t like killing spiders. I think that’s bad luck. I usually leave them alone if at all possible. If they’re somewhere that they’re invading my space I scoop them onto a piece of paper or cup or something and then toss them outside. I think that’s only fair. They were just trying to do their spider job, you know.  I have one rather wicked looking one living in a corner of the bathroom right now.

He’s been there for about a week and I just don’t know what to do about him. He’s starting to disturb the other people who live in the house and I know if guests come over it seems weird that we have a pet spider living in the bathroom. I am ashamed of all those cobwebs – but seriously, I think they’ve just been brought there by the spider. I didn’t notice them previously. Plus, the camera flash makes them look a lot worse than they do it real life . . . you’re buying all this right?  Ok, fine, I put them up on purpose.  Some people pay good money for synthentic cobwebs – well, I use only ORGANIC cobwebs, so there! And real spiders. No pesticides. I think I deserve some green halloween award for this.

Here are some creepy spider drawings I did back in the early 90’s – inspired by The Cure’s, Lullabye. Yeah, I was one of those dorks! Believe it or not, I hadn’t ever seen the video for this song. It just always seemed like a little kids book that wasn’t really for little kids. Kind of like Mother Goose. Well anyway, here was my take on it:

(There’s that creepy top hat again!)

And here’s the doodle that started all this!

And here’s the real thing . . .


  1. Sandra on October 25, 2008 at 10:53 am

    Your cobwebs are very Martha Stewart. I have a bathroom spider story for you: one night I went in to brush my teeth and saw what looked like a giant, hairy spider leg protruding from a hole in the wall above the mirror. Not quite believing my eyes, I called Matthew in to tell me what it really was. His exclamation of horror confirmed that it was indeed the giant hairy leg of a spider who was trying to make it into the bathroom. The spider was too big to fit more than one leg through the QUARTER INCH HOLE in the drywall. Well, he should have tried your bathroom instead, because when Matthew proposed vacuuming him out of there my only concern was, “What if the vacuum doesn’t kill him?” Even after our murderous application of the crevice tool, I half expected to see his horrible leg protruding from the vents in the front of the vacuum.

  2. admin on October 25, 2008 at 11:25 am

    ahhhhh, ahhhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! OMG! That IS horrifying! I’m really freaked out by that. And I do have a size limit on spiders I’m willing to put up – oh and they also can’t be hairy. I’m sort of a prejudiced person when it comes to spiders, they have to meet my strict standards (lol). If I had been at your houseI really don’t think I would have slept that night thinking about a giant hairy spider running through the walls. Oh man, it’s almost as bad as the spider eating the bird. brrrrrrrr.