Day 27 – Halloween Treats

Today I have to show you these Halloweenies – they are soooo cute! I really had to laugh when I saw them, I think it’s the little mustard eyes. These would be great to make for a party but also for kids as a quick supper before you go trick or treating.

They come from Cooking by the seat of my pants. He has lots of great recipes – including some batty chili that would be good on a chilly October night!

I’ve also found some goblins in jars! All of these wonderful pieces of art are from the Zombie Jar Swap 08. Go there and be inspired to catch a delightful little creature of your own!

For more inspiration, Uncle Beefy has some wonderful images of an eerie Halloween party in the woods . . .

Lastly, there are some more wonderful old labels for your last minute Halloween decorating at Love Manor’s Flickr photostream. You could create a spooky old apothocary shelf for your home to frighten all your visitors.