Day 29 – Pumpkin Carving

Last night we decided to carve our pumpkins. I usually try to wait to carve my pumpkins fairly close to Halloween, just so they’ll be fresh and spooky! We alternate our pumpkin carving between the “fancy” designs and “traditional” faces.  Some years I get all ambitious and want to carve some elaborate design to impress the trick or treaters, and then when I’m done (or honestly, midway during the carving process) I think to myself, “whose freaking idea was it to get all hoity toity with the jack o’ lanterns?” And I vow that I will never attempt another fancy pumpkin.  The next year, after carving my cute little standard pumpkin faces, I think, “you know, we should give those fancy pumpkin designs another try next year.” And so it goes.

When I was a kid we only had three choices to make – do you want a happy, sad, or mad face on your pumpkin? My dad would carve open the pumpkin and we were allowed to get messy – within reason – cleaning out the slippery pumpkin guts. Then my mom would draw the face of our choosing with a black magic marker and our dad would make the face come to life. We couldn’t even light our own candle for crying out loud! But when the lights were turned out and the little pumpkin face was all aglow – it was worth it! We’d set the jack 0′ lanterns in the window and run outside to see how they looked, smiling or glowering in the chilly October night.

This year was the “fancy design” year. Seriously, it wasn’t too difficult this year, but I was disapointed with my design choice. First, we spent 45 minutes searching online for templates that we liked and then 30 minutes debating which one of the designs we wanted to to. Finally we were ready to begin carving.

We had two nice size pumpkins with just a little bit of scarring for character.

First, we cut open the top and peer deep into the pumpkins guts!

Put your hand into the slimy pumpkin and start pulling that stuff out!

After you poke out the outline of your design (in the middle of doing all this tedious work is usually when I start to think a simple jack o’ lantern is the best) you can begin carving out your pumpkin.

Hopefully, when you are done you will end up with something similar to what you envisioned when you started! This is Gabby’s grim reaper.

This is my mummy face . . . see what I mean, I was kind of disapointed with how confusing it looks. I KNEW I should have done the bat design! (I always second guess myself)

He does look a little better when he’s lit up, but I still wished I had chosen differently – next year will be better!

Gabby’s grim reaper turned out very nicely though!


  1. Sandra on October 29, 2008 at 10:02 am

    The mummy is fantastic! So is the grim reaper. Heh, the grim reaper is kind of cute.

  2. Sandra on October 29, 2008 at 11:54 am

    I took the camera on the dog walk this morning, but realized that everyone’s pumpkins will look better lit up! That means the dogs get a special walk in the dark tonight (they seem to feel walking is much more exciting in the dark).