Day 6 – Decorations

I love old halloween decorations. I like them because they just seem “friendlier” to me. Maybe because they remind me of my childhood halloweens, or maybe because I just admire the design sensibilities. Anyway, I love them and some of my favorite ones I keep up all year long. They’re just sooo cool it seems a shame to put them away. Here are some of my most beloved ones!

It all started with this one really. I just love this guy – even if he is wearing a top hat.  On him it’s charming.

Here he is in all his glowing glory – awwwww.

Then there’s this guy – c’mon, what’s not to love?

I also love the paper decorations, especially the Beistle / Luhrs designs

Here is a reproduction of one of my favorite designs – again with the top hat! I can’t escape them.

Here’s a great moveable cat (any cat with lips like that would scare the crap out of me).

Sorry – the photos not so good, but hopefully you can see how adorable these owl witches are.

Here’s another old owl – I don’t know much about him.

These two little cats were bought with a bunch of stuff at an antique store. They are really small – about 4″ across and there were about 20 in the bunch. Most of them are in terrible shape, but I just love them anyway – they’re so cute – like little kittens trying to be all bad ass.

And I love this guys face – he’s so wacky and happy . . . I can so relate to that!

These guys stay up all year because they’re some of the first ones I got – they really remind me of my childhood halloweens when I see them, I just feel happier inside.

This creepy pinata witch is hanging above my desk right now. I’m not even sure where she came from. I think maybe my mom got her for me somewhere . . . but maybe she just flew in and knew I would give her a good home. Unfortunately, she didn’t bring candy with her. What a witch!

‘Till next time!