Day 7 – Horror Comic Books

When I was a kid I had an uncle who read comic books – mostly he liked military ones like Sargent Rock and Blazing Combat, but he also read Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella. When he moved out of my grandma’s house my brother, sister and I inherited his large collection of comics. As a kid I remember getting truely freaked out by some of the stories – looking back through them now I kind of laugh at that, but I still think the artwork is fantastic. I can remember spending hours just studying the artwork in these comic books – I think they really taught me a lot about illustration (see, comics are good for you!).

And the ads – yeah, I still want to order all the stuff I see in the ads!

Here is one of the stories from a Vampirella comic book (#28, 1973). I had a really hard time choosing just one story – there are so many I still like.  Some that are really freaky and some that are classic horror tales. I picked this one because the artwork is great, and also because it’s a timeless “scary story” that’s been told a million times around campfires or at sleepovers (we called it “Don’t Look Back”), and you know I’m a sucker for the classics!  Hope you like this one – click on each page for a larger version.