Day 8 – UFOs (and more horror comics)

While we’re on the subject of horror comic books, I have to share one more story with you – this one is a story that is supposedly based on fact – see I learned alot from reading comic books! This story was from a Creepy Comic Book (#53, 1973) and is called, “The Night The Creatures Attacked” about an alien encounter near Hopkinsville, Kentucky in August of 1955.  I did find some interesting links about this when I did an online search. I’ve included the links so you can verify the story for yourself.

Then suddenly it hit me. I’m verifying facts from a comic book on the internet – obviously, it all has to be true.

Obviously, I have lost touch with all sense of reality.  I’m off now to purchase the latest edtion of the Enquirer so I can read all about today’s latest news stories.

Hopkinsville “Goblins” Links:


UFO Evidence

Committe for Skeptical Inquiry

You be the judge – I just find it fascinating.