Day 9 – Orange and Black for Halloween

Sometimes when I’m riding along in the car, I imagine that suddenly I see a giant robot coming over the horizon. Usually I pretend that power lines in the distance are giant creatures that suddenly popped up and began to roam around.  I also pretend that those giant hay bales that are strewn out in fields are giant caterpillars, created by some mad scientist who lives nearby. Yeah, it’s weird I guess, but it keeps things interesting for me.  When I see someones delightfully creepy creations, I feel happy because I think that they must have a weird over-active imagination too – and it makes me feel better about myself – so see, there’s an ulterior motive at work.

I discovered these wonderful creations on Etsy – there’s so many more fantastic artists, you should go check it out for yourself!

These spectacular dolls are from Bella Cavella Studios. I love these soooo much.

I’m a sucker for primitive art – aren’t these wonderful? They came from Vintage Keepsake Trunk.

Maybe you need something a little more colorful for your Halloween party?  Fantastical World of Holidays has some beautiful party favors as well as primitive art – something for everyone!

Maybe you want a more threatening place setting at your party? With cups from Folded Pigs and plates from Custom Sepia – you’re ready to throw a delightfully spooky dinner party!

Now, perhaps all you need is the right lighting . . . maybe these candle holders from mud will do . . .

Now all you need is some little goblins to show up at your party!

(This one came from The Decorated House!)

Boy, I can’t wait for Halloween!!!!