Driving Ms. B-Movie Star

So, today Gabby got her Driver’s License!

It’s official, she can drive all by herself now . . . isn’t that crazy!

Last night my mother in law called and said she mailed a package to Gabby for her birthday . . . and then she realized that today was St. Gabriel’s Feast Day and not Gabby’s birthday! So she told me to tell Gabby is was for her Namesake’s Feast Day. We all got a kick out of the little mix up and Gabby got a sweet pair of earrings out of the deal!

Then this morning we went to the DMV and Gabby had to do the driving test. I knew she would pass. The woman told her the only things she didn’t do was turn her wheels to the curb when she parked on a hill, and she didn’t signal when she went to pull over to park.  So she was happy and relieved when it was all over with – as we all have been.  When we were leaving the DMV she was showing me the route that she had to drive on the test and we stopped at a stop sign and as she pulled out to go there was a semi truck – but without the trailer on the back – pulling out into the street to our right. Gabby got freaked out and hit the brakes and I was like, “GO! Don’t STOP!” So she pulled across the street and everything was fine.  I told her I thought it would be ironic if we just got her driver’s license and then got into a wreck leaving the DMV!

I also told her she should thank St. Gabriel because he probably helped pull her bacon out of the fire AGAIN!

Okay, but then the weird part – as we were driving we saw this yard art . . . it was like seeing Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox across the street.

The thing was huge! And this is somebody’s front lawn. I cut off the horse’s head, first because I couldn’t see it too well – it was camoflauged by the tree behind it, and second because I was trying to take this photo quickly – before a neighbor could call the cops on me for being creepy.

It kinda reminds me of that giant cowboy at the Texas State Fair. I’ll try to remember to come back in the summer and see if they plant flowers in the wagon or if he’s playing recorded messages about a greased pig contest and free blood pressure screenings.