Get your personal art!!

I forgot to share with you this most awesome card that I had made for Gabby for her graduation and birthday! I have a friend, Brent Engstrom, who draws artwork for the “Garbage Pail Kids” Cards and “Wacky Pack” Cards, as well as lots of other art.  He also offers his services to create personalized trading cards with anything on them that you want. They are so clever and well done!

This is the one that he did for Gabby. We tease her sometimes by calling her “Crabby Gabby” so what would be more perfect that her in the style of a Garbage Pail Kid with that name?  She absolutely loves it – plus it’s a one of a kind work of art – featuring HER!!!!


He is still offering this service, so if you would like to have your very own personal work of art – head over to Brent Engstrom’s website and check out some of his other stuff – he’s really the best, and a very nice guy on top of it all!  Just click on the card below to shoot on over there!