Giraffe Carving

So today I saw this over at Dinosaurs and Robots. Wow. Somehow it makes me feel better looking at it. Maybe because it’s so huge and so old. I feel better knowing that there’s some drive in us that makes us want to carve pictures into rocks. We want to make something beautiful that will last. Art does matter.

This petroglyph is believed to be one of the oldest, and largest, in existence. It is located in what is now Niger, Africa, and it’s thought to be around 7000 years old. There is more detailed information about the petroglyph here at the Bradshaw Foundation where they are working to preserve the stone carving from erosion, graffitti and theft.

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  1. Sandra on December 10, 2008 at 2:56 pm

    That is so satisfying to look at. Reading your first paragraph, I wasn’t expecting to see such an intricate carving! I was imagining something much less detailed; since it was really old, and I don’t know anything about really old art (or any art), I was expecting to see a rough outline of a buffalo or something. Thank you for posting that. It’s beautiful.